We all know how digital marketing has changed the online market for the better. Not only has the number of people using social media risen up to 1.3 billion active users, but these users are also preferring to shop or hire services from the comfort of their homes. 

Also, Pandemic has created opportunities for small business owners, as well as large companies to increase online sales. And for that, many businesses are preferring their own digital marketing team to amp up their marketing efforts. 

Do you know what is even less time-consuming? Hiring a digital marketing agency that understands your goals and helps you reach your target audience. While it might be true that choosing the right agency for your business is a no-brainer task, people sometimes forget to ask these crucial questions that might indirectly affect the working between the agency and the company. To avoid doing that, make sure you ask these 10 important questions, before hiring a digital marketing agency. 

1) Know Their Specialisation:-

As a business owner, it is crucial to know what platform might benefit your business. If you own a B-B company, then choosing LinkedIn is beneficial. But, if it’s an online store, then a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO is preferable. Always be aware of the agency you are hiring. See if they have some experience in the tactics you want to focus on. 

2) Take A Look At The Agencies Social Media Accounts And Websites:-

It is obvious that a digital marketing agency will have its own social media accounts and websites. Taking a look at their website can give us an idea about their services. Not only that but it can give us an idea about how consistent the agency is in its own digital presence. It can also give us some idea about their content style and approach. 


3) Take A Look At Their Portfolio:-

Most agencies have their portfolio listed on their website. It can give us a clear idea about the industry they have worked in. 

4) The Digital Marketing Team:-

Now that we have gone through the agency’s accounts and their portfolio, it is time to dig deeper into how the agency works. 

Asking the following questions can give you clarity while making decisions-

  • How many graphic designers do they work with? 
  • Does the agency have their own content writers? 
  • Do they have expertise with the industry your company is in? 

Such crucial questions give a key sign of how experienced and professional the agency is. 

5) Look At The Agencies Approach:-

Let’s look at an example to understand this point. If you are a bookstore, then you might want your content to look aesthetically pleasing. Also, you might prefer realistic pictures of books. On the flip side, if you have a service page, you might prefer templates instead. So asking for their opinion on your social media according to your industry might give you an idea of how well they know about your industry.


6) Pricing:-

Agencies usually charge in two ways:-

Performance-based:- Here, the agency focuses on a specific task. (This might include running Facebook ads) (or even increasing engagement on a particular social media account) 

Package-based:- This might include monthly packages. It could be for social media management or search engine optimization.

However, the working of an agency can differ from one another. It can be beneficial to look at how different agencies charge, before deciding on one agency. 


7) Look At How They Measure Their Success:-

There are different key performance metrics that agencies analyse to know the success of a campaign. Try to ask questions regarding the tools they use to gain insights. One agency might be using ubersuggest and the other might use Ahrefs. Some even use a combination of both for different metrics. Understanding them can help you conclude which agency to hire. 


8) Communicate Exactly The Goals You Want To Achieve:-

Make sure you let the agency know about your objective and your expectations. Your goal might vary according to the business need.  It could be brand awareness or lead generation or any other goal. communicating your expectations so that the agency can work towards meeting your aim can help with a seamless work experience.  


9) Ask For An Overview On What They Have Strategized For Your Business:-

Asking what approach the agency will use to meet your digital marketing aim can help to keep you on the loop. How often they will post on your social media, and what type of posts they will create, are some of the questions you can ask. This will give you a picture of their digital marketing plan for your business. 


10) Keep Yourself Open To Different Ideas:- 

A digital marketing agency means lots of voices and different opinions. Sometimes the agency might have an idea that you might disagree with. But considering their experience, it might not hurt to hear a different approach. This different perspective may even push your digital marketing game to the next level. So try to make decisions after analysing all the ideas and the perspectives laid by you and the agency.



Hope this post gives you an idea about the things to consider before hiring a digit marketing agency. To conclude, you should choose a digital marketing agency to promote your products or services on the right platform. If you have an in house marketing team, and they find themselves stuck while executing strategies, then you should start your research on an experienced team. A digital marketing agency can help you create content and bring in leads, resulting in a higher ROI. Taking some time and surveying on different agencies can bring you value for time and  money.