SEO is a digital marketing tactic- aiming towards ranking your website within the top 5 results of a search page. But, PPC is a paid opportunity that gives you immediate results, which otherwise is not achievable in a short period of time. 

So, you might find yourself questioning, Which one should you pay more attention to? SEO or PPC? 

Worry not. This article covers just that. Here are a few factors to consider between choosing SEO or PPC advertisement to help your business grow online. 

Before that, let’s take a look at what exactly is search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertisement:-

Search engine optimization is a tactic used by businesses to gain organic (un-paid) traffic. It is usually done by writing content, including keywords in your webpages, as well as increasing website referral. SEO is a slow process, as it uses inbound marketing to gain visits from your target audience. However, SEO requires consistent optimising of the web posts and pages to rank on search engines.

On the flip side, Pay per click advertisement is a tactic where advertisers pay a specific sum of money-to get instant reach and to fulfil a brand objective. Some of the popular platforms used by advertisers to run ads are Google ads, Linkedin, Facebook and twitter. 

While setting a PPC campaign, the advertiser can set various goals like:-

  • Leads Generation
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach new audience
  • Generate conversion
  • Increase sales
  • Drive traffic to a local shop, etc.

From this, we observe a few differences

  1. Businesses engage in SEO to gain organic traffic. Whereas, businesses spend a specific amount of money to get quick results from PPC advertisement.
  2. SEO is a slow process, and requires consistent efforts. PPC gives quick results.
  3. SEO requires little to no investment, whereas a PPC budget can range from thousands to lakhs of rupees, depending on the size and the industry of the business.

But the question still remains. Should you go for SEO? Or invest in PPC? 

To answer this question,  Businesses should analyse the following factors before coming to a conclusion.


1) Value over time using SEO and PPC:-

Pay per click advertisements stop adding value once the ad campaign is over. However, SEO benefits a company in the long run. It ensures a user friendly website, relevancy and consistent efforts, which also builds trust over time.


2) Easier testing with PPC campaigns than with SEO:-

Facebook, LinkedIn and various other platforms enable advertisers to do A/B testing. Not only that, but ads provide flexibility as they can be paused or killed or edited if an ad is not performing better. This helps businesses analyse their target audience better. But the same is not true with SEO as it is not flexible and contains more complexities compared to PPC campaigns.

3) SEO takes time where as PPC campaigns give immediate results:-

It requires consistency and efforts to gain the trust of search engines. Also sometimes google can take days to index a website. This makes it difficult to achieve results faster through SEO. But with PPC campaigns, advertisers can achieve quick results by running ads, targeting the audience, and selecting a goal. We can acquire leads faster, or reach our target audience or increase brand awareness with a goal and a strategy in mind.

4) SEO ensures better CTR than PPC:-

SEO ensures a user friendly experience to visitors. It ensures that the website is easy to understand, easy to read and easy to navigate. This can help customers/ target audience to understand a brand easier. Whereas PPC advertisements can also come off as spammy to people. Also, people sometimes click on an advertisement without the intention to convert- And advertisers end up spending money for the same.


Answering if SEO is better than PPC is not straightforward. When we look at the differences, we come to the conclusion that every business has different goals and objectives. While blogs might benefit from consistent SEO, business websites can prefer SEO as well as running pain ads during a product launch. But one thing is certain, the combination of using SEO tactics and running paid ads can ensure a long term benefit as well as quick results.

So, to conclude, keeping in mind your business goals and analysing the differences between SEO & PPC can help you reach your brand’s objective.

Hire Experts:- 

Still confused on what tactic to use to grow your online business? Then hire a digital marketing agency! Handling various social media accounts, website’s SEO and paid ads is not an easy task. And it’s beneficial to use more than one platform to reach a diverse group of people.

So the easy solution here is to hire a digital marketing agency that could take care of your online business needs. They could also help you figure out- if your business needs just SEO or PPC advertisement, or a combination of both.